Eyecare Tips

Eyecare Tips


Proper Viewing Distance 

Sufficient Lighting

At least 40cm working distance for reading, 60cm for computer work and 6 feet for TV

Light should be adequate and equally distributed. Avoid shadows, reflections or glares when reading

Rest Break for Every 30 Minutes

Distance Viewing

For every 30 minutes of reading, writing, computer work or video games, look at something at a distance for 5 to 10 minutes

Avoid all visually demanding tasks during rest breaks

Balanced Diet 

Regular Outdoor Activities

Increase intake food rich in vitamin A, C, E, carotene and antioxidants like spinach, broccoli, corn, red carrot

Outdoor activities like kite-flying, bird-watching, ball games are good for relaxing the eye muscles

Adequate Sleep

Keep Hygiene

No Eyes Rubbing

At least 8-10 hours of sleep every day

Always keep your hands cleaned, avoid rubbing of the eyes

Rinse eyes with artificial tears and apply cool compress whenever feeling itchy

UV Protection with Sunglasses or Hat

Use an umbrella, a hat or wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sunlight

Good Posture

Sit upright with your shoulders relaxed and feet lying flat on the floor

Avoid writing, reading or playing computer games while bending over the desk or on a moving vehicle

10 Eyecare tips

  • 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Balanced diet
  • Regular outdoor activities
  • Rest break for every 30 minutes and distance viewing.
  • Ceased all the visually demanding tasks during the rest break
  • Proper viewing distance
  • Good posture
  • Keep hygiene. No eyes rubbing
  • UV protection with sunglasses or hat
  • Sit upright when reading. Do not read when vehicle moving