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Diabetic Mellitus Retinopathy (DMR) is one of the leading causes of blindness. In the early stage of the problem, there is no obvious symptom. If it is left untreated, it will lead to vision loss in later stage. Most of the damage are irreversible, without early detection and prompt treatment, vision loss would be permanent. Optometrists advise diabetic patients to have a comprehensive eye examination (including dilated fundus exam) annually.

Diabetes eye examination mainly focuses on the classification and severity grading of the problem. The optometrists would provide assessment report listing the severity and classification of the DMR. (i.e. non-proliferative / proliferative). Referral for ophthalmological management would be offered if necessary.

Diabetes Eye Examination Package covers:

  • Case History
  • Vision Acuity Assessment
  • Refractive Status (e.g. Myopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism, Presbyopia)
  • Binocular Vision (e.g. Strabismus, Stereopsis)
  • Color Vision (e.g. Color Defect)
  • Intra-ocular Pressure
  • Ocular Health (Dilated Fundus Exam on Retinal Bleeding, Macular Oedema, New Vessels on Iris, Retinal Vessel Abnormality, etc.)
  • Fundus Photography (For Optic Nerve & Macular)
  • Diagnosis and Recommendation