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PolyVision 15th Anniversary – Share “Bubble Blowing” Fun & Love for Eyes


PolyVision 15th Anniversary – Share “Bubble Blowing” Fun & Love for Eyes

Now if you and your family accept the “Bubble Blowing” challenge, PolyVision will donate a “Bubble Toy” to the groups and people in need*. Successful candidates will also have a chance to win a “Mysterious Gift” or “Eye Exam Gift Voucher”!

Join the challenge – welcome to shoot at home or submit past clip:

1. Use the camera to capture the happy moments of your family “Blowing Bubbles”
2. Submit the photo or short video via WhatsApp to 6390 9660
3. Verify and confirm the consent form via WhatsApp
4. Shortlisted photos or videos will be published on PolyVision’s official Facebook fan page and will be awarded a “Mysterious Gift”**
5. Once published, the top 15 most “Like” received photos or short videos will get 4 “Comprehensive Eye Examination Gift Voucher” (worth HK$1,800)*

Eyecare Tips: Activities involving hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and eye muscles relaxation by looking into the distance (such as blowing bubbles and flying kites) are beneficial to the eyes

Deadline: August 31, 2020

*With upper limit
**The winners will be notified individually.

Please contact PolyVision for details and the terms and conditions. In case of dispute, PolyVision reserves the right of the final decision.